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JuiceInnov8 is a university spin-off biotechnology startup with key focus in food space. With a mission to reinvent juice industry by creating a better & healthier juice with less sugar & lower calories, we build a platform of sugar reduction technology that helps beverage producers reduce naturally occurring sugar while maintain 100% juice content and natural mouthfeel.

To achieve that mission, we value science & technology as a powertrain of the company. That's why we are scaling our Launch Site (or in short " lab") to be 1/6 of the size of $3Bn turnover company lab space and looking for talented engineers & scientists to join us & help accelerate our innovation from the pipeline into the market.

You will join a young & passionate team that aims to bring Thailand's innovation to global stages and work in JuiceInnov8 Launch Site in the heart of Chulalongkorn University (5-10 mins walk to BTS Siam, MRT Samyan).

Boring of being a navy in large corporates? Join us to work in a hustling startup cultures driven by innovation where the space is the limit.


We are looking for young & talented fermentation engineers/scientists with Biotechnology or Biochemistry background to join the fermentation team at JuiceInnov8.   You will be working on microbes production and development of natural sugar reduction technology by using analytical chemistry to identify & optimize conditions for sugar reduction with multiple microbial strains.

Responsibilities :
- Work with the fermentation team in optimizing sugar reduction process & flavors
- Select and test new strains from our library & identify the optimal conditions of cell production and sugar reduction for candidate strains
- Collaborate with bio-process engineering team for a large-scale production

- Ms./Bs. in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bio/Chemical Engineering or relating fields
- 1+ year research and/or industry experiences with microbial strains fermentation (Fresh graduates are welcome)
- Hands-on experiences isolating & characterizing molecules using GC, GC/MS or/and HPLC
- Understanding of metabolic pathways of yeasts is a plus
- Experience in running bioreactor to downstream processing (centrifugation) is a plus
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